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Are you thinking of sending employees or colleagues to the NewHabits Foundations Programme?

As an executive or manager, you have an employee (or group of employees) whose productivity you want to improve. Your company needs talented people working at their best to reach its goals.

But the Caribbean has been plagued by low productivity for hundreds of years. What can be done at this point to move the needle in the right direction?

We have designed the NewHabits Foundations training to meet your needs as a leader in your company. In the past, you may have tried to make a difference by showing staff how you work to high standards, shared information with them and offered them advice.

If it hasn’t worked, it may because they see your interventions as something to be resisted.

In our programmes we help attendees see that their entire life will be better if they learn a specific approach we teach: how to improve their productivity based on a high-quality self-evaluation.

We ask them to think about productivity and its impact on their family, for example, and their kids’ performance on PEP (formerly known as the Common Entrance Exam.) Research shows that PEP performance is a function of parental involvement i.e. time managment. By including their entire life in the training, they are able to see that greater productivity gives them more of what they want in life, no matter what it might be, or which arean it might fall in.

In this context, they are eager to use our tools to evaluate their productivity. Each person walks away with a personal profile looking something like this:

Furthermore, we teach them how to develop a personal plan of improvement, starting with one that runs for three months. It’s based on the above profile.

By the end of the training, they’re ready to have a conversation with you, their sponsor, about the specific changes they intend to make.

So do them a favour… and expose them to the kind of education that makes a difference.

Take the next step and send them the link to our page written for potential attendees, or download this course description and forward it to them via email.

Here’s the link to copy and send them: https://newhabits.mytimedesign.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/10/2022/01/NewHabits-Foundations-Virtual-Outline-v3.pdf

Download the NewHabits Foundations course description by clicking on this link:NewHabits Foundations Course Outline