Frequently Asked Questions About NewHabits Foundations

When is the next NewHabits Foundations programme?

For the date and location of the next online programme for Caribbean professionals, click here or on the tab for Programme Updates. If the information isn’t updated, send us a message here.

(We’ll also offer face-to-face programmes once again when COVID has safely receded.)

Who typically attends?

Usually, our attendees include professionals at all levels who have been promoted or have the potential for promotion. Their companies usually want to make an investment in expanding their capacity to deliver.

What is the price?

An individual seat in the next online, public programme normally costs J$50,000 / US$350 (plus GCT). There is a group discount for 5 or more people – one extra individual may be added at no additional cost.

What time does the programme start and end? Does it include meals?

The programme starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 5:00 PM. We use a number of different online platforms to deliver our training.

What is the typical class size?

Our class sizes are typically limited to 18 people or fewer so that each person can receive individual attention. We interact with each person to ensure that distractions are minimized.

What is the class like?

It’s an interactive experience with in-class videos, audios, quizzes, and games. You also receive a workbook with all the forms you need to start evaluating and improving your current habits right away.

What else is included?

Class materials.

Access to 6 weeks of post-class e-learning lessons for a year.

A pdf or Kindle copy of Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure.

An after-class quiz to earn a completion certificate.

An Email Inbox Mastery Webinar.

Access to blog posts, a podcast, free videos, plus more…

What are some of the principles used in the programme? Where did they originate?

The programme was created by Francis Wade, and was first offered in 2008. He’s the author of Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure and Perfect Time-Based Productivity.

For more details, check out the Programme Description, Video, and Testimonials. If you want to go deeper, check out the videos and others resources on the pages of my books’ website.

Who will be leading the programme?

Francis Wade, the creator of the programme and the source of most of the materials mentioned above. Learn more about me here.

Can I claim PDU’s?

If you are a Project Manager:

  • You can claim 1 Category B PDU for each hour of class attendance on topics that relate to Knowledge Areas in the PMBOK Guide.
  • You have to claim at least one hour for each PDU

For many other professions, you can claim 6 hours of training.

 What is my first step?

You can register and pay online with a PayPal payment by clicking here, or contact me and let me know the class date you’d like to attend or register someone to attend – http://ReplytoFrancis.info.

Can the programme be brought in-house?

Most of our training is done on an in-house basis, within companies. For details, contact me at – http://ReplytoFrancis.info.

Where else is the programme offered?

NewHabits Foundations has also been offered in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and Nassau, Bahamas.

Where can I read or listen to a testimonial?

Over 1000 people have been trained using the technology used in NewHabits Foundations. A selection of trainees’ experience can be found on this page of testimonials.