fw IFL_7716 (9)While the NewHabits Foundations Programme is offered as a stand-alone training, that’s not where it started.

The idea was born from my consulting work with clients of Framework Consulting here in the Caribbean. I noticed where my clients were having severe challenges being as productive as they could be. In Jamaica, the issue is best encapsulated by the results of the Global Competitiveness Report which has consistently shown that the country lags other countries in four areas.

One of these areas is work ethic. (The others happen to be corruption, crime and bureaucracy.)

Jamaica, like many other Caribbean countries, is plagued with a history in which the workplace is antagonistic, driven by centuries of forced labour and exploitation via slavery and indentureship. The sources of low work ethic, therefore, run deep.

Our corporate interventions look at issues that are much deeper than the skills presented in the NewHabits Foundations Programme. In addition, we show you that employee interventions are needed to address employee’s motivation to improve.

To help employees develop the right mindset we offer to work with you in the following dimensions:

  • Self-interest – we help employees see that being productive helps them in all parts of their life and that not paying attention affects not only their peace of mind, and life balance, but also that of their families, friends and communities.
  • Protecting Change Agents – our clients learn how to empower people who have ideas for changing their environment and how to empower those who are willing to spur on a company transformation even if they have just been hired.
  • Gamification – creating games and using game mechanics are powerful, inexpensive ways to engage employees. Today’s workforce is highly distracted and the research shows that managing change requires extra elements to engage employees at the level they have come to expect.

We start each productivity project with what we call Co-Diagnosis – a process in which we partner with you to gain an in-depth, unique understanding of your current situation. This continues with Co-Design, in which we work together to design a series of interventions that affect particular metrics.

Once the interventions are launched, the NewHabits programme is just one part of a larger sequence of events that, taken together, transform your company.

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