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If you are a knowledge worker who must make daily decisions about how best to use your time, you may already be challenged… by the increasing volume of work that you are being asked to do each day. It’s important that you keep up, if only to maintain your peace of mind and mental well-being.

But no-one has shown you what to do in these circumstances. If there’s a better way, what might it be?

In NewHabits Foundations we help you see that you are already doing a lot of the right things. But some of your practices do need to be improved: the question is, which ones?

Based on the research outlined in Perfect Time-Based Productivity, we help you conduct a self-diagnosis of your current methods. But we don’t just park you in front of a computer.

Instead, we teach you the 7 Essential Fundamentals and give you the tools to analyze your current methods. Then, we show you how to make improvements via a personal plan that take you through the first three months and beyond.

To help, we give you all the forms you need and show you how to use your new knowledge. We use classroom discussions, online games and team exercises to keep you engaged from the start of the class to the end.

You’ll walk away with a custom, personal blueprint for change that covers evey aspect of life you find important. As such, all the stakeholders in your world will benefit, including your family, kids, parents, friends and also your colleagues in the office.

Here is a 7 minute video overview of the programme. (Turn up your speakers.) Depending on when you do the programme, the deliverables listed at the end may be slightly different.

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